So much going on, still. Between real life and fake news, things are hectic.  More than hectic but I try to be positive when I can. The ish is kray. There is nothing like it. There hasn’t been a environmental turning point uh, point of no return for everyone before. We’ve been through fascism as a human race before. Recently, we’ve even seen political suicides become daily occurrences. It used to take a game of footsie or heating up the numbers to catch my attention. I’ve known since my days as an intern for a State legislator how the game was played, who the main players were and are, how downright simple the rules are, and that that world wasn’t truly for me – then. My total passion for politics has consumed me off and on over the years. I’ve had multiple chats with myself about political science. About its truest form, its value, its enormous, scratch that, its tremendous flaws, and my place in politics. I decided to return to it after several breaks. When I studied politics my voice (or more specifically, the voices of people that look like me were usually taken note of and discarded or sidelined for what favored the majority. It’s just the way it is. The way it’s been. When the uber-polished politician with the perfect wife, kids and dog making decisions based on a corporate perspective began to give way and gave birth to the in-your-face-brash-seemingly-straight-talker. I am not on board with getting in people’s faces unnecessarily. There’s a time and place for everything. The straight talk is really what caught my eye. Why is our government cloaked in so much mystery? If you’ve read this far I’m sure you can’t relate. Most people have no earthly idea how the government works or what their role is. When I mention contacting a congressman to help out with certain issues people are always shocked. YES! That’s also what they are supposed to do. Communicate with constituents. Have your back. Be a member of the community. Take pride in how they have improved their constituents’ lives. The constituents that have organic bodies and are flesh and blood. What’s Next? I absolutely have to stay vigilant and religious about focusing on a positive and empathetic future. I know things are cyclical and the pendulum is about to swing. 

Free Yourself By Being Your Best Self ♾

Self-care is crucial and necessary

Self-care is crucial and necessary. It’s impossible to fully express our positive energies without having anything in the reserve. That is a quick way to burn out – or worse.

We have a duty to take care of ourselves. It’s the only way we can handle what’s ahead.

When you really don’t feel like communicating or feeling a bit numb and still in shock. I know rather than isolating, lashing out, raging, sulking continuously, or allowing my energy to be completely zapped – I need to reach out and express love. In the face of adversity, we have an opportunity to grow. Let’s come together and harness the power we have within to ultimately win. Although we may not know exactly what tomorrow may hold we can be completely present in this moment and create a vision for the future.

Making a list of what you are grateful for is a great way to start the healing process. Have a roof over your head? Have food to nourish your body? Hopefully, that’s the case. What’s your go to uplifting tune? Distracting yourself without disassociating is also helpful.