Najmah is truly a well-rounded person. A native to New England, who was raised in the Midwest by a Caribbean mother and West African step-father. As a 1st generation American, Najmah has had to learn to effortlessly adapt as well as understand her surroundings. Najmah is a former Marine and enjoys many outdoor activities from paintball to dog walking. She has seen both sides of the financial coin ranging from upper middle-class to “the bottoms”. Najmah has survived emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. She chooses to be grateful for all experiences and circumstances in life as they have shaped her life completely. Coach Naj has been described as a sincerely empathetic person who can easily connect with others. Her intuition is what has helped her through many a tight squeeze over the years.

After completing an internship with a local prosecutor’s office and with a¬†Republican member of the State House of Representatives, Najmah decided to pursue other endeavors. Shortly after graduation with a degree in political science and business management, Najmah began working for a local Job & Family Services department. Seeing government red tape from a different angle Najmah learned being a member of the bureaucracy may not offer the ability to create great change. Before beginning her property & casualty insurance career, Najmah worked as a flight attendant, a server, and also a stay-at-home Mom taking care of foster children. During her lengthy insurance career, Coach Naj mainly worked in the field either attempting to settle injury claims, attending mediations, climbing roofs or finding new ways to over deliver.

Perhaps it’s her caring, warm and compassionate spirit, her ability to empathize with almost anyone, her multi-ethnic & multicultural family, her prior deep pain, her perseverance, or simply her drive that makes her who she is. Coach Naj is a former board member of a local Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance group (DBSA) and earned a Peer Support Specialist Certification in Florida. Coach Naj is currently helping trauma survivors find happiness in life again. Najmah is currently researching & working on a Law of Attraction certification, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), neuroplasticity and its application to coaching and healing, quantum physics, metaphysics, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), & Complex Post-Traumatic Stress healing.

Coach Naj is available for media interviews, speaking engagements, mentoring, and coaching. CoachNaj.com