Self-care is crucial and necessary

Self-care is crucial and necessary. It’s impossible to fully express our positive energies without having anything in the reserve. That is a quick way to burn out – or worse.

We have a duty to take care of ourselves. It’s the only way we can handle what’s ahead.

When you really don’t feel like communicating or feeling a bit numb and still in shock. I know rather than isolating, lashing out, raging, sulking continuously, or allowing my energy to be completely zapped – I need to reach out and express love. In the face of adversity, we have an opportunity to grow. Let’s come together and harness the power we have within to ultimately win. Although we may not know exactly what tomorrow may hold we can be completely present in this moment and create a vision for the future.

Making a list of what you are grateful for is a great way to start the healing process. Have a roof over your head? Have food to nourish your body? Hopefully, that’s the case. What’s your go to uplifting tune? Distracting yourself without disassociating is also helpful.

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